Making An Image

Hi all first post – Be gentle :bow:

I want to make an image of some files i have on my hard drive – I extracted the files to the HD with isobuster(they were mds/mdf(Conflict Global Storm) I have now added more files (antiblaxx) Now for the love of all I cant make an image of the files – I must have done it before sometime but i cant remember how – I have nero7+ alcohol120 (almost latest version)

Any gentle pointers would be nice

thanks for reading

If you’re making an image from hdd files, you can use NERO’s Image Recorder (instead of writing to a disc) I believe. Another program which works wonders is UltraISO.

Thanks Ninbang. I have never used Nero to make an image before – I will suss it out. I must have used a prog like UltraISO β€” Getting it now as i type – thanks for help