Making an image to install a game from

First of all, what program should I use?

I used to use clone CD, but I kept getting this “redunduncy error”

I tried poweriso, but it’s too confusing.

I just made an image of BF2 with 120% and so far it lets me play without the cd if I mount the whole image, not sure if it will let me install yet.

I usually mount with daemon tools.

Any suggestions? :doh:

What is the name of the game? What cd-rw are you using?


I’m not sure what CDRW it is, it sais samsung 52x32x52 on it, do you need more info?

If so, where can I find it?

I have everest.


I think he means Battlefield 2. Wasn’t there another thread about it?

Have a look here

I know this is old but since it’s on topic IMO, I am currently trying to launch BF2 with a CDRW in the drive, to avoid using the virtual drive programs…

Does anyone know how to make a CDRW launch a game and make the game think that the original CD is in the drive?