Making an image of Rise of Nations with Alcohol



Alright i have just bought rise of nations and i want to make an image of it and keep it on my hard drive so i will never need the disc again, i know it has safedisc 2 protection and that has been all i was able to get that was relavent I have found guide on how to make copies but not images. Whenever i try to make one with safe disc 2 every second i get a read error. And in 5 minutes, it only read 9 MB. Someone please tell me how or give me a link to a place that will let me make that image without having a couple thousand read errors.

Mr. Quackers


read errors are specific about Safedisc 2.x protections. Simply use the Safedisc 2.x profile to read the disc and wait!


As soopersonic already said, those errors are normal, don’t worry.


i can seem to make an image of it fine, but when i burn the image to a c.d using alcohol and try to install it on a different computer, it installs but then it wont open up. I think its because of my burner… Samsung… can that do the safedisk protection. Thx. And to any modders, I made this post very informative AND I used the search function to find this post so you have nothing against me.


Samsung writers are all 0 sheep models. You can try using alcohol with the safedisc 2/3 datatype settings but your chances of making a working copy with your writer without some form of emulation are poor.