Making a working copy of safedisk 2/3 and Starforce

hey guys im new at buring so any help would be nice.

I have the latest versions of blindwrite, cloncd, and acohol 120%
no probs burning securom 7 or safedisk 4.My problem is making a working copy of safedisk 2/3 (tiger woods 2005)and starforce(collin mcrae 2005)

my burner ATAPI DVD DUAL 16x4x12. Do you think this could be the problem?
If so what burner would you recomend?

successful backups:NHL 2006

thanks in advance

Just use the originals, it will save you much money and time wasted.

Of course this is a possibility, but why do we have our forums?
What if he has little kids that damage the discs, so he wants to keep the originals some place safe and the kids to play them from backups?

Honestly, your advice doesn’t add much and I would, therefore, appreciate that you refrain from replies like this. I know you mean well, but it may come accross a bit harsh to people who are new here.

Thanks for your understanding.

gee thanks for the help
do you really think it will save me money replacing scratched games
i dont know where you are from but here in canada a new game cost $60 + 15%tax and the smallest scratch can ruin it
in fact i have a game here that i paid $60 for,only played twice and its already unreadable and if i had made a backup i wouldnt be out $60
that being said
im still having trouble coping safedisk 2/3, the copies that i make dont work or when i use alcohol the disk says it has 700mb of data on it , but when i explore it there is nothing on it
if this is a problem with my burner i would like to know the best burner for reading and writing protected games

i may be a noob, but ive played vidieo games since they were invented,and all too many times ive had to buy the same game more than once.

We all live in same world when it comes to this. I have bought quite many “replacement” games discs to my son, before I learned how to backup PS2 games (and keep originals in a safe place from being scratched)…

hammer0420, maybe you’ll have better luck to find answers in this forum section. And remember search and google are your best friends. :wink:

Yup, Sir.

Maybe the best idea would be to have a look in the protections subforum, there should be posts to help the OP with.

three days of burning the same game over and over and still no luck(im thinking its my reder writer)
i cant even get the game to work with clonecds hide cdr
once again i ask what is the best reder writer drive and out of clonecd acohol 120% and blindwrite 5 which should i buy.

thanks for the tips guys. even if i havent had any luck,this forum is a great service to cunsumers like me who only want to buy the same game once.
keep up the good work

There is no one way that works for everything. As the previous poster stated, it is best to check the copy protection forum for each particular game you are having problems with. The single best thing that would help, is to use a good CDRW drive to copy your CD’s with. The very best drive is a Plextor or an old Yamaha CDRW drive. My Khypermedia 52x CDRW does a very good job of copying CD’s. Some LiteOn’s are very good. For DVD’s, I’ve had good luck with Plextor, LiteOn, and Pioneer drives. Sometimes a copy works better with Alcohol, and sometimes with CloneCD. Try both and see which one works.