Making a USB Stick boot?



Yes, heard it being done before but I’m no genius and I dun get how this works. I have a USB Stick, Windows 2000 Pro and no knowledge of linux and whatnot … can someone help? (and I don’t have a Win98 system but i do have a Win98 boot floppy) I want to be able to put images of discs like CD’s and floppies and use the Menu OR put files in the root which i can access in dos.


for starters have you checked that your mb has a boot on usb option and have enabled it. also select in the bios if needed the boot order of the drives.
run fdisk and reformat the usb drive to fat and set it to primaryand then run fdisk again to make the partition active.
write a master boot record to the drive cmd "drive letter here " fisk /mbr and then add the bootable (windows/dos) o/s files of your choice.


ermm - i’m using windows 2000, can’t find fdisk/ My 3 comps all have boot from USB - can see the stick ID when it’s booting (such as LEXAR JUMPDRIVE…etc)


With Windows 2000, you can just boot from the installation CDROM and do a regular install, only with the USB stick as target instead of the harddisk. That’s easy :).

I hope your USB stick has enough free space btw. Windows 2000 requires at least something like 600MB, but for the installation I believe it even needs more (somewhere around 900MB if I remember correctly).


You also need to be aware of a problem with two primary boot drives linking when they both are online during the boot process. I have seen this happen with two HDs and it could happen as well with a USB drive.

Once this linkage happens, the drives need reformat to be used alone.


:open_mouth: so you can just install windows onto the stick! AND NO FANCY WINPE crap. Wow! - ohk - i’ll get back to you when I get this done :slight_smile: - i got a 1GB stick :slight_smile: