Making A Trilogy


I would like help on how to make ‘The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy’

I am trying to put all 3 films onto 1 dvdr
I have converted the fist and second movies into DivX and then used another copy of the second film inplace of the third

When I use tools such as Ulead DVD Workshop it says that the DVD it is going to make is 56GB, When I use DVDit it says 36GB

The File size of the 1st and 2nd are 1.5GB, so how can it need that amount of space?

If anybody know how I can make the trilogy please help me?

Plz Reply


it would need that much space cuz u’re failing to burn them as data, but rather as dvd-video, which would convert them into dvd-video streams.

Does anybody know how I can make the trilogy onto 1 disk

What program should I use?
How would I go about making this trilogy?

plz somebody let me know?



What you’re asking can be done. However, the quality would not be DVD, probably not even SVCD. It would be something like VHS. These are lengthy movies and require a fair amount of compression just to get one of them off a DVD9 and onto a DVD5.

To tackle the problem I would demux the originals into separate video and audio streams. If I wanted subtitles I would need to demux these too.

I would then use an authoring tool such as Vegas to concatenate the three movies and to re-render them in a format that would permit the new three-part movie to fit on one DVD. I would probably have to do some trial and error tests here, but almost certainly I would finish up with a smaller frame than the standard PAL or NTSC size used in DVDs. Moreover, I would have to pull the bitrate down to a low, low level. If you’re with me so far, you’ll realise that this is not a domain where quality reigns!

I would also need to decide whether playback would always take place on a computer, or whether a stand-alone DVD player would be used as well. The answer would influence the choice of CODEC (some are more efficient than others, but not all stand-alone players can ‘understand’ them).

The time and effort involved, to say nothing of the cost of the authoring tools and encoder(s) - which you clearly don’t possess, to arrive at such inevitably disappointing results militate against it.

I’d say forget it.


could I put the first two films on 1 dvdr instead?


Can I ask you a question first? Why is it so important, this cramming of several long - almost 3 hour each - movies onto one disc? Are you intrigued by the theoretical possibility, or is there some practical reason? :wink: