Making a svcd with nero



hi i’m a real novice at this so have pity please. I have nero ultra and when i try to burn a movie or video file using nero the cd wont play in the dvd player it keeps saying incompatable disc , but it will play in the computer. Do i have to convert the files or something to make them into a cue file? when i burn a bin cue file that i have downloaded it works o.k. I have to confess im totaly lost, please help


What for video files are you tryin to burn?


the movie says it is an xvid


in nero startsmart, thier should be an icon that says make super video cd. Go through the steps for it and add your files at the appropriate time. It should automatically convert the files to the appropriate file format. If it fails to convert, you may need a codex for the particular format of xvid that you are using.