Making a SVCD copy

If I need to make a copy of a SVCD, how do I do that best? Is CloneCD the best choice, and if yes, what settings and/or profile do I use to make sure I get 100% quality? Are there other programs that are better for this purpose?

You can use the Data profile.

No reason to look for and use another burning program for that purpose?

I just use the CD copier in Nero and they look as good as the originals.

I have Nero too. But in a couple of tutorials I’ve read about making SVCD’s, it’s normally not recommended to use Nero for burning (S)VCD’s (from bin/cue files). After I’ve made the wanted bin/cue files I use CDRWIN for burning. If I want a copy of the SVCD’s I use CloneCD. I know of VCDEasy, but that program doesn’t like the VSO driver installed by BlindWrite Suite. Was just wondering if there are programs that makes better copies that others (when we speak of SVCD’s). But I guess that if CloneCD workes fine for me, and I can’t see any difference between the “original” SVCD and the copy, I should just leave it like that. I use CloneCD with no settings at all and just Close last Session.

I use Clone CD also but have major problems with certain SVCD’s in Clone CD and other software. CD stops spinning near the end and the drive locks up. Clone CD says there is 99 minutes on the CD!!

Anyone else had this problem?

You can duplicate very easy with Instantcopy. You have only to select the Source and the Target . (if you have more than 1 drive…) You can also burn disc’s in more than one drive…

Dazzaler, are you trying to copy from an already rendered and burned disk or from an MPEG file?

I use VCDEasy for burning my SVCD’s and I have Blindwrite installed. Just make sure you have a WNASPI32.dll file in your windows sytem32 folder. I didn’t have the file when I installed VCDEasy so I downloaded the trial version of NERO (I now own it) and copied the neccessary file from the NERO folder to my system32 folder. It works fine.

If you are trying to copy from a CD, just use the CD copier in NERO unless you only have one CD drive of course. I’ve done several this way and they turn out as good as the originals.

I’m just trying to make a copy of an already made SVCD. But CloneCD with no settings but Close last session seems to do the job fine, so I think I’ll leave it by that.


I use the “InstantCopy” tool from my Instant CD/DVD software bundlle to copy SVCD´s. Its quite easy.
This tool works with nearly all DVD and CD standards.
Generally i burn SVCD´s with Instant CD/DVD and the discs run without any problems !