Making a slide show with Nero Vision - can I burn it to DVD

I made a Slide Show using Nero Vision.
I burned it successfully onto a CD-Rom disk.

However when I tried to burn it onto a DVD disk it failed. I got a message saying that I was not using the correct type of disk, or that I needed to make changes to the settings to make it Suitable.

I want to be able to show the Slide Show in a DVD player. Is it possibel to burn it to a DVD disk? What adjustments must I make to the settings?

You cannot burn “cd-rom”. You can burn onto CD-R and CD-RW, but not CD-ROM.

I see no sense in burning that content on DVD because all dvd players can read and playback CD formats too.

CD is not DVD.

Create a DVD slide show if you want to burn it onto DVD.

Thank you for your response. I now understand better what is involved. I will simply make the same slide show but for DVD using Nero Vision.
The problem was that some very old DVD players will not play CD-R. I have tested my CD on a number of DVD players successfully. But the one I was using at first (an old model) will not play CD’s - although there is no problem with DVD’s.
Thanks again.