Making a sata a slave

[qanda]This thread is about the Seagate 80gb sata 150 7200 rpm 8mb. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Dell Optoplex 170L PC with a Sata hard drive as the primary master and an IDE drive as the slave.Is there any way that i can make the Sata hard drive the slave and use the drive on the IDE channel as the master drive instead? Please note that the motherboard only has one Sata connector on it and two IDE connectors.

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the only way to install a Sata HDD if no Sata connectors are available, is either using a Sata->Pata converter or (that’s what I would suggest) a Sata controller card that is installed in a PCI (or PCIe) slot.

An additional option would be installing the drive in an external USB enclosure.


Plug in both harddrives, just install windows to the IDE drive, and it will become your master drive. The sata will then sit idly by as a storage drive.

It would probably help to set the IDE channel boot priority above that of the sata channel in the BIOS as well just for added measure.

satas don’t have any jumper settings for master slave either, just thought i’d toss that out there. normally just jumpers for sata 1, or sata 2 setting