Making a Region Free DVD Copy

I own a DVD coded with Region 3 and it wont run on my DVD player attached to the TV. MY DVD player is for Region 1 (USA).
I talked to the place of purchase ( India) and they suggested that I should make a [legal copy for my system at home as long as I own the CD, which I do] and convert it to ALL Region.
How do I do that? Please help. I bought that for my kid’s birthday.

Riverfriends Hello and welcome to CD Freaks
If you have DVDFab then you can do this, the disc that is Region 3 when you go to do the backup copy open common settings and select that Region on the “Protection” settings page :smiley: and it will make it Region FREE

StormJumper is right, Riverfriends. I have a copy of DVDFab Gold and all the DVD’s I own I have made copies of because my DVD player is set for USA but he DVD’s I own are for Region 2 (Europe). If you have a copy of DVDFab Gold click on the “sun” symbol (left of the ‘?’ ) and then in the selections in the left window look for ‘Protection’. Make sure all boxes are checked to cover all types of coding.
DVDFab is a great program and very well supported through this forum.

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