Making a photo slide show on DVD

Hi guys im not exactly sure this is the right place to post but here we go…

I have around 200 jpegs that come to around 200mb, is there any way to create a slideshow of these photos on a DVD so that i can view them on the TV through my normal DVD movie player?

If so what software could i use? Ive got Nero 6 but it only looks like it can make CDV’s?

Thanks to anyone who replies

DVD Lab comes with a slideshow option, although the results are fairly boring.

I use Memories On TV (
There are several other programs that will do the same thing (as I’m sure others will point out)

The results don’t have to be boring. Add transitions, music, selectable menu’s for different sections…

VSO photoDVD also does this and you can also add music of your choice…

Ulead DVD Pictureshow is good at this.


Nero 6 has an option called Photo/Picture DVD/VCD. All you have to do is add the photos and then burn. Now what I don’t get is most DVD payers have the Photo format/Kodak Picture CD format built in and will display the photos as per your settings. So why would you need a specially formatted Cd/DVD. Also if you want music and stuff then VCDEasy(free- is the way to go. What it does is make Mpeg file with the photos and adds music as per req. A sophisticated way to do this would be DvdLab pro where you can add menus and stuff. But since all dvd players are data capable I would stick with the first 2 suggestions.

Hope this helps.

I use Ulead Videostudio for this. Easy to use, put in background music, fades, transitions, overlay with text, choose how long you want the picture to display before going to the next one etc. You can d/l a trial version from the Ulead website.