Making a *.m3u file

Does anyone know an easy way to create a *.m3u file when having a large amount of MP3’s? (Are there special editors available for it?)


You can select all the files in WinAmp and then save your playlist.
The playlist has the m3u extension.

You got it taxman… Can’t get no easier than that. I usually use the m3u files for each CD I rip and include that in the directory, but I have little time to be making large playlists with whatever my fav. songs are…Got too many mp3s for that. (Although on a random play of my songs when “pennywise - F— Authority” is followed by “Afternooon Delight” it can be quite disturbing.

It’s just plain text format, so notepad will work also :slight_smile:

The easiest way is what Taxman said
drag yourfile to winamp and save as *.m3u