Making a lot of Coasters



I have a P4 2ghz, 512 ram windows XP, Optorite DD0201 rev 2.6 burner. I have been using TDK DVD+R 4X, and Memorex DVD+R 4X media. I get about 3 coasters out of 10 trys. I can make an image on my hd with no problem, but when I try to burn it screws up. I have tired every burn software that I can find, but same results. Anyone have any ideas as to what I might try? It seems that +RWs will burn better than +R media. Help!!! Please.

Does the attachment tell anything about my problem? Thanks for any help.


m8 dont know if u have fixed this, but

have u firmwered it to the lates 250e version. there is a newer one 260e, but i to have this drive and iam now burning datasafe or any reitek g04 dye discs, with not 1 single failier.
there is a cheap orange top reitek dye disk at svp for very cheap price.

thing is m8 if u dont already know dvd burning is VERY media dependable, meaning its traik and error till u find the right one, but like i say, i got this drive with no failiers, using reitek go4 dye discs.
pm me m8 if u want any more help.

oh soz just seen u have the 2.60 version, does this mean u flashed to the newer firmwere or did it come like that.
id like to know as iam temted to try new firmwere as i have some media thats not working.


Thanks for the reply. In answer to your question, I flashed to 2.6 firmware. I never could get the 2.5 to work. I emailed the Optorite people and they never could find the problem. They said to just stay with the 2.3 version, but when the 2.6 came out I gave that a try and it works fine. Most people seem to think the media is the problem, and I tend to agree. One dumb question, where is svp?


thats svp m8 an online shop in uk

go for the orange top overprints, m8 very cheap and as i say all work perfectly, although iam on 250e.
iam real temted now with 2.60e purely cos ive got 25 discs here currently no good at all :smiley: