Making a logo



I was just wondering, I am making my own home movies on DVD. But what I was wanting to know is, is there a way to edit a vob file? I copied the intro off of a movie that shows the Universal Studio logo that shows the spinning world, then the word universal comes from right to left around the globe. Is there a way to change the text that rotates around the globe? And if not, is there a way to create those type of intros for you own movies. Thinking of starting a DVD service, and would like to create something like those movie intos :iagree:


Rip that portion of the movie to an .avi
Import it into an animator. PaintShopPro comes with Animation shop, which will show you how it’s done.
Once you understand the concept, you can then import a spinning globe, add your own text, and save as .avi
It can then be encoded to mpeg like any other dvd movie, and used as an intro clip for your movies.