Making a Highlight Film

Hey there,

I am attempting to make a football highlight film for my college and I don’t even know where to start or what to use. I have all of my games from my Senior Season on DVD and need to take clips off of those dvds to make my highlight film. Can anybody please help me with what kind of program im going to need and where to start? THANKS A BUNCH!!!

You don’t mention what format your videos are currently in. Which softwares you can use, depend on what format they are currently in. Being on DVD, I would guess that they are MPEG2. You can try dvdshrink, which will allow you to grab portions of your videos, then reburn to a new dvd.

If you want to make highlights of game and not be as clips only,I would suggest looking into Mpeg Video Wizard DVD.
There you can import DVD files, cut what you want and make transitions between each clip so it looks little better.