Making a DVD!



I D/L a movie and used Movie DVD Maker to process it. It went through all the files and at the end it said Burning DVD and ejected the DVD. I put it in my DVD player and it didn’t work & I got an error message. However when I put it back in my computer it plays? Do you know why this is happening? Thank you in advance. Orion


You surely speak about a legally downloaded movie here…?!

Some dvd standalones have problems to recognize recordable media, either -R, +R or RW formats.
Another problem is a non-correctly authored and burned Video DVD.

What is the error message you got?


My DVD Player just said error and that was it. Why does it play on the computer and not on the DVD Player? Orion


Because a standalone has limitations a ODD in a computer hasn’t.
I explained it in my earlier post.