Making A DVD

I have a whole bunch of files, they are all in .avi format and I want to format them so I can burn them onto DVD and play them in my DVD player. What program do I need to accomplish this?

I also have a bunch of files all in different formats, (avi, ram, asf, mpeg) what program is there to get them all into one format?

The answers to all of your questions can be easily found at

Easily? I’ve looked through that site and couldn’t find anything that worked to do what I needed to do.

Try to do a search on this page.

Videohelp contain not only a very big daabase of tools, bu also many guides to use these tools.

Try a thoroughly search

The FilmMachine looks a decent bet as does VSO divxtodvd

However , go to the Video Edit Software forum , guides & tutorials & look at those. Just about all you need is there.

You’ve got the brief responses you have as this question gets asked & answered on a daily basis & newbies don’t investigate for themselves enough.

Well I tried several tools from that site and they all gave me errors hence why I came here and asked. I do my research, its just that experience sometimes is better then knowledge thats why I came here to ask experienced people.

I’m gonna try FilmMachine, DivXtoDVD refuses to work.

Damn it, The FilmMachine doesnt work either. They all just tell me The .Avi file can’t be opened. They don’t give me any more info then that. :frowning: ARGH.

The file plays fine.

NeroVision Express in make dvd mode. add files, go through the routine…

Possibly a codec problem, I know with Tmpgenc that that was how it responded to a missing codec.
Get Gspot & Avicodec. Both will tell you what codecs are required & avicodec can help you get it.

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 ( or Nero ( then again you could convert them using Magic Video Batch Converter ( or movavi ( then burn them to a DVD-R/RW. Hope that helped.