Making a DVD without the transcoding pass?

I copied a movie i made from a video camera to the computer using WinDVD Creator 2.0, and i used 5073 kbps as bitrate, 720x568 as frame size (or similar, i don’t remember), which is the DVD GQ profile.

but both windvd creator and nero DVD maker need to transcode the video files another time (nero is transcoding the same bitrate and framesize).

is there a way to skip the transcode process? or another program that doesn’t make this step? first i have a slow computer and second, IT’S ALREADY IN THE CORRECT FORMAT.

help please…

From what I know the transcoding of MPEG files only occurs if the MPEG file you are trying to create a DVD from is not DVD compliant. If its a Pal DVD you are making then the file must be 720x576 resolution, 25 frames per second and top bitrate must not exceed 9800 kbps and Audio must be 48 hz.

Try using
DVD-Lab to author a DVD. I know this program accepts non compliant MPEG files

^^ That’s exactly what i have, a 2GB mpg file, PAL, 25FPS, 720x576, bitrate 5073, audio is 48khz CBR.
windvd creator and nero want to transcode it another time, to produce the same parameters… i’ll try DVD-Lab

DVDLab seems GREAT, full of powerful options.

but now i have a new problem:
i have 2 MPG files (same as i mentioned above, saved for DVD Good Quality with Intervideo DVD Creator 2.0), each is about 2.2 GB, so 4.4 GB should fit onto 1 DVD, but when putting them in DVD lab, it says they are going to take 4.99 GB, and doesn’t fit onto 1 DVD… does DVDlab add extra things to the DVD to make it bigger?

i think i’ll have to do to the transcoding processs on my slow machine…

WinDVD Creator has made a MPG file for you and probably DVD compliant, BUT to burn it to a DVD to be able to played on any DVD Player it needs to be Authored first. Thats what DVDLab does and not what Nero does, unless it re-encodes it. Have a look at any DVD and you will see a structure (files/folders) that bears no resemblanc to you original MPEG file. Authoring creates these files.

Yes, authoring does add extra data when it authors it. Besides a DVDR hold 4.37gb real space and not the 4.7gb on its label. You could author the 2 movies to a DVDR then run it through DVD Shrink to bring it down in size to fit to a DVDR.

^^ that’s a good idea.

but are there software that shrink the bitrate on mpeg files directly? currently the bitrate is about 7Mb