Making a dvd with both mp3 and wmv music videos

I actually spent all of yesterday trying to find out how to make me a mixed dvd with both audio and video and came up blank with a solution. Something I can just pop in and let it play. The play order is not important. Now I think I can craft a dvd combining both types of files but there has to be a more eloquent way to do it. Not looking for anybody to hold my hand but if nero or roxio or any of the other favorite secondary programs can do it can you throw me a name or two. I searched freaks till i was blue in the face, i dont do this very often but would like this music video so im not to good at working with mixed discs. The files are Mp3 and Wmv. K :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I understand the problem.

Theoretically if you are playing it on a pc, any data DVD containing the files should be able to play normally (I think - with Media Player or Winamp) both mp3 and wmv files.

If you are playing the disc on a standalone, things might be more complicated with older players, because although they play such stuff from a CD, it may happen that they do not from DVD. I don’t know what the solution is in that case.