Making a dvd with avi files



ok. i am using Nero 6, that came with my graphics card. i have used it for about 2 years. mainly for burning music cd’s and data cd’s. now. im trying to make a dvd. i have 9 seasons of law and order on my comp. and need to make some space on my hard drive. so i got a bunch a dvd-r’s 8x 4.7G 120 min blank dvd’s from a friend of mine. and when i go to the section in Nero to make a dvd. i have 2 options. " burn dvd video files" there i can use .VOB, .IFO, .BUP video formats. and it allows use of 4.5 gigs of disc space. the other option is " make a super video cd" there i can put all my avi files. but it only allows up to 800 megs. when my disc’s are 4.7Gb. anyone know how to make it so i can burn a dvd using avi files. but use all 4.7 gb’s of space on my dvd-r’s?

thanks, Dave.


Burn a data disc.
You should have the option when you first start.


but. the data disc option only allows me to use 800 megs. not the full 4.5 gb’s. and, i don’t think i can play it on a dvd player, that’s not my biggest concern though. if i could put the avi files onto the disc and only be able to play them on a comp, that’s fine. but, is there a way to make a data disc and use all 4.5 gb’s?


Choose to make a data DVD.
Does your player play AVI files? Is it Divx certified?
Make sure you choose to use the DVD recorder.


Convert the AVIs first with Dvd Flick or FAVC so that they are Dvd compliant, then burn them with ImgBurn. There is also a trial version of ConvertXtoDvd, the first two are free, the latter is not. Depending on the size of the AVIs, you might be able to fit a few on your blank Dvds.


ok, thanks for the help guys


No worries, good luck & let us know how you do.