Making a DVD Slideshow

I want to burn a dvd slide show from the Picture to exe. program. I have been able to burn regular cd’s that can be viewed from a PC, but I want to be able to view them from DVD player. I have a Lite-on DVD burner and I use the Nero program for burning. (In the Picture2 exe. program, I know that you have to ues the video button on the bottom to convert to an avi file, I have tried that, but when I open up the Nero program, and try to insert the avi file, I can not find the avi file. I have even tried the all files tab but it will not allow me to insert the file into the program. Can someone give me some info on what to do to make this thing work :a

Do a search at and you will find software, tutorials, and guides to assist you in making a dvd slide show…

try this