Making a dvd movie

Hi all,been having grief over playing my created files on dvd player.
I have,many times,converted my avi files by Total Video Converter into what i thought playable mpeg format only to find they only work on my PS3 not dvd players i own.Tried many converters/burners with no luck!!!
This probably sounds cheap but currently i only use converters/burners that leave a watermark in the top corner as i feel the others are too annoying.Also i use DVD-RW for burning,but dont think its down to this.And i think my files are the correct size and when burning i send the file to be burned to dvd drive directly.I hope this garbled summary helps you to understand whats going on and hope some of you can recommend any downloads which would fit my above requirements.Cheers.

DVD players require mpeg2 files in a very specific format, known as dvd-video. Mpeg2 files by themselves don’t work for most players, they must be authored into this dvd video configuration, which means a Video_TS folder containing the necessary .vob, .ifo and .bup files.

To convert avi files to dvd video, you should consider a few free programs like DVDFlick, AVStoDVD and FAVC. They have no restrictions, and will work with many different input file types. AVStoDVD and FAVC can use a very high quality encoder called HCenc, which can be favorably compared to high cost encoders like CCE or ProCoder.

These three programs will produce a finished dvd, complete with menu if you like, and all three can use ImgBurn to automatically burn to a disk. ImgBurn is an excellent free burning program by the way.

If you choose AVStoDVD, make sure the program is set up to output the correct type of dvd. I believe its default setting is for PAL dvds. FAVC requires AviSynth and Net 2.0 to work, but they are both free and there are direct links to them at the FAVC site.

Thanks for the help.I feel im getting somewhere now.Used AVStoDVD which placed my converted avi into a folder with VIDEO_TS along with a empty audio file.Within this folder was several sub files similar named as the VIDEO_TS and i have sent this entire folder to Imgburn and after calculating the file is much bigger than the disc can cope with.Can you just clarify my above comments are the correct procedure and how do i make the files smaller? Thanks again.

What size is the Video_TS folder that you have? The default setting in AVStoDVD is a DVD-5, meant to be burned to a single layer dvd. It is possible to set it for DVD-9 (double layer dvd) or a custom size also. The control for this is on the control panel for AVStoDVD, where it says DVD Size.

Does ImgBurn give you an error message when you try to burn this to a disk?

If, for some unknown reason, you have created a dvd that is too large by a small amount, you can compress it slightly with DVDShrink. But it is preferable to do it correctly the first time.

Thanks , that solved it.Just burned my first playable dvd for my dvd player.Used a single layer dvd and the file fit,thought i was only going to be able to play it on my PS3 like all my previous attempts.I will certainly recommend this forum and will check back if i need more help.So do you suggest i start using double layer DVD-R instead of my DVD+RW single layer discs?I think so as when,if ive the patience ha ha,need a larger project burning i dont want to go through all that again…Cheers :slight_smile:

Double layer dvds are somewhat of a problem in their own right. The only brand reliable enough for us to recommend is Verbatim +R DL. I tend to burn them at 4x only.

Many laptop drives don’t burn DL media very well at all. If you have a fairly new (within the last 3yrs or so) dvd burner in a desktop, then you should be ok.