Making a DVD movie region free

Hey, I’m in North America and am wondering if there is a method to make PAL movies either Region free or NTSC? I also have a PX-712A DVD burner and am wondering why I am not able to burn PAL movies with it? I was prompted for a region during installation of the drive and chose region 1 (NTSC), but when attempting to burn PAL based DVD movies, the burner behaves very strangely and it takes 25mins to burn a movie at 8x speed because the burning is not constant. I am attempting to burn the movies with Nero, is it possible that it’s the program?


Try looking at this tutorial to see if this will help you.
To make a DVD region free or region 0 then either DVDDecrypter or DVD Shrink will do the job for you. I personally use DVD Shrink to rip and decrypt the movie to my H/D then make a copy with nero.