Making a DVD in NTSC from PAL recording

Hi. I am new this so please be patient. I have a Lite-On LVW-5045 and have recorded video stored on it’s hard disc from a PAL camcorder. I am in Australia, our system is PAL. I want to record some DVD’s to send to our friends in the US but this needs to be recorded in NTSC so they can view it. I have sent some DVD’s I recorded but they cannot view them (although the audio works). It must be because the recording I have made is in PAL.
How can I do this with the Lite-On 5045? Or do I need some other process?

While the LVW-5045 is capable of recording in NTSC, unfortunately there is no way to covert from PAL to NTSC within the Lite-On unit itself. I have also attempted to record as NTSC while playing from a PAL source, however while it records a picture including sound, it stretches the picture and cuts off about 1/5 or so of the bottom of the picture.

If your PC has a DVD writer, one thing you can try is use a software package to re-encode your DVD’s contents into NTSC and write the converted content to DVD. One example includes NeroVision. From what I recall, Roxio’s Easy Media Creator suite can also convert between the two formats.

Alternatively, if you still have the original recordings on your camcorder, check if your camcorder has the capability to set the TV-out to NTSC. Unfortunately, if your camcorder is a DV model, even if it has this option, it may only work for the analogue composite outputs. However, even in this case, at least this would be better than nothing.

To record in NTSC, you will need to set your Lite-On to NTSC mode within the Setup. Note that when you do this, if the TV this Lite-On is connected to is not NTSC compabile, the picture will come out in black & white or worse still, start rapidly rolling if it cannot handle the 60Hz frame rate. This mode must also be set before you initialise the DVD. When the Lite-On is set to NTSC mode, anything it records will be recorded in NTSC, however as I mentioned above, it does not work properly recording a PAL source as NTSC, so if your camcorder does not feature any sort of NTSC output, this method will not work out.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it couldn’t be that easy. Since both camcorders are are DV tape I think my best option looks like PC software. I assume it requires transferring the material from a DVD recorded in PAL to the PC, have the software convert it to NTSC and then burn from the PC DVD burner?

many thanks for your help.

I’m a little confused by this.

I have a cheesy little Apex player that cost me maybe $30 American. (Wal-Mart!)

The thing plays PAL and NTSC, and by playing a PAL disc on it into my LiteOn 5005 recorder (using three RCA cables), I was able to create an NTSC version of the disc.

Ignore me.

I just realized- I’m in the States.

My Apex was able to play the PAL disc, but it fed the video out as NTSC (the Apex was meant to work with American TVs) and that’s the format the LiteOn recorded in too.

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Now that CMD-1200 looks interesting.