Making a DVD from a VHS tape

I have just copied an old VHS tape to dvd and hate the video_stuff on my computer. Basically I want to split it up (it currently contains 3 concerts, each of which i want on a seperate dvd), fix audio sychronization and make some nice menus.
Could anybody please give me some advice on what I’d need to sort this stuff out?

EDIT: I might also want to overdub better quality audio over the video (it’s a 13 year old VHS). Thanks in advance.

There are many softwares that will allow you to edit, dub, and adjust the audio. There are free softwares where you can download 3 - 4 different programs to accomplish the task, there are consumer level programs (Ulead Studio, Ulead DVD Movie Factory), then are semi-pro level programs with more bells and whistles (Adobe Premiere Elements and Vegas Movie Studio), then there are the professional softwares (Adobe Premiere, Vegas 6 or 7, Avid Xpress, and others).

The consumer programs (ulead, etc), have wizards, and are pretty easy to learn and use, but offer limited levels of user control over the projects.

The free programs take a little time to learn (there are many guides/tutorials you and download which will help), and it takes multiple programs to accomplish the task.

You need to decide how much you will be doing this, and the level of control you want. More control generally corresponds to a better final product.

I’m going to be doing this alot from now on (I’ve got LOADS of videos to do). I’ve just had a mess around with Ulead DVD Workshop and it’s driving me insane. It wont pick up the sounds and doesn’t seem to let me do ANYTHING useful :confused:

What free programs are there? First i just want to split it into different gigs, the synchronisation isnt too bad.

Thanks alot for the advice.

Which DVD Workshop do you have? Is it version 1, SE, or 2. DVD Workshop is actually supposed to be a pretty good program.

The best way for conversion of VHS to DVD is through DVD/VHS Combo Recorder as stand alone recorder not thru the PC.

TCAS, if you get a dvd/vhs combo recorder will that record commercial videos or is it home videos only?

No both Commercial and Home Videos are recordable and convertable.

I’ve used a LiteOn dvd recorded hooked up to a VCR via SCART. Then I’ve copied the unfinalized disk onto my computer. Sorry for the confusion about that.

As for DVD Workshop… I think it was version 2. I couldnt really see how it was going to help me with what i need, there was very little to fiddle around with, especially with the audio :confused:

I’m in the process of splitting the DVD up into the seperate bits using DVD Shrink in Re-Author mode. Is this a good program to use for this?

Also, the dvd recorded i used to record from the VHS has put auto chapters in, is there an easy way to remove these so i can add my own?
Thanks Again,

I am using TMPGEnc Express to split or do any enhancement of VHS files. It has all kind of filters for sharpening image, colour enhancement, video, audio fade and so on. It will do what you want plus more.
For DVD authoring there is a DVD-Lab Pro. Very flexible and it will let you make professional looking DVD. You can download trial version from
Both of those programs are not too hard to learn.

Because DVD Workshop 2, is one of the best DVD authoring softwares.

I agree with the other comments about getting the standalone dvd recorder, and running your vhs straight to dvd. Only problem there, is that it limits your ability to make menus, edit, add tracks, etc… If you don’t need to add/change much, then going straight from vhs to dvd is great. But if you want to edit, capturing to DV-AVI or AVI, is the best and preferred way to go.