Making a DVD compilation - HELP!

I recently got a DVDwriter so I’ve been downloading a few TV shows. Now I want to put all these shows together on a DVD so they don’t use up all my memory. What is the best programme to do this with??
I already had DVD decrypter and Windows Media Player but neither seem able - I tried making it on Windows media player but it wouldn’t burn as a data CD because apparently the 4.7 GB DVD didn’t have space even though it only about 3.0GB of TV shows.
I’ve also downloaded Alcohol 120% because I remember I used to have it… can anyone suggest me a suitable programme or perhaps a suitable thread?

Surely copyrighted, therefore not legal. :cop:

To create a data DVD, you can always use Nero Burning Rom or a similar program that was included with your drive.

Yeah thanks, But I got rid of Nero on my comp ages ago. I’ll have to find the CD. Also, does anyone know about converting MPEG4 files to AVI or something else? I have some of these files that play on quicktime, but quicktime is absolutely rubbish and constantly mucks up the soundtrack - if I pause it and press play it works fine but I have to do this every ten seconds. Alternatively Is there another programme that plays MPEG4s?

vlc player is a handy multi format file player. Winamp is my everyday player mpgs and the like. has links to free and pay apps that convert to and from formats like .avi.

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Thanks man, very helpful!!!