Making a double sided DVD into one DVD

I have some old movies that came on two sided DVD’s. I would like to replace my two DVD backups with one DVD backups. What proggy’s would I use to do this? :confused:

It all depends on what exactly you’re looking to do. Dvd Remake, DvdFab Decrypter Platinum or Dvd Shrink can all merge two movies into one dvd. Dvd Remake allows you to keep the original menus though. Dvd shrink is the only one that’s free. Here’s a guide on how to do what you want with Dvd Shrink:

You could do this with DVDShrink. Here is a guide for this procedure. Don’t think the quality will be outstanding though.

You can also do this with DVDFab Platinum. It has a merge feature that will let you do this. And VideoReDo Plus has a join function, so it could be used as well, though it won’t compress anything.

Quality would be best if you burned to a dual layer disk, (Verbatim +R DL only), but if you insist on compressing everything down to a single layer dvdr, your best bet would be to reencode using DVDRebuilder after joining the dvds.

Depends entirely on how picky you are on the output and how much time you want to devote to the process.

Edit: sikoone snuck in there while I was researching. Many of the same conclusions though.

You can also try this:

The problem is that these are like old laser discs, they have half of the movie on each side, so you can not rip them as one, but as two separate halves. I have to figure what to delete off of the second half to merge it into the first half to make one movie. All of the movies were like this before they came out with DL. This way I can eliminate having to change the disc. With the original movie, I have to turn it over in the middle of it.

Just rip both sides of discs to HD and use the mentioned program to join. DVDShrink and DvdFab Platinum will end up with 2 titles after joining. I’m not sure about VideoRedo Plus. The disadvantages with having 2 titles instead of 1 are 1) there will be a slight pause when going from title 1 (first half of movie) to title 2 (second half of movie), and 2) you cannot rewind or fast reverse from title 2 to title 1.

DVD2ONE can do a seamless join, that is one title and has no disadvantages mentioned above.

DvdReMake Pro can do a seamless join as well, not using the easy Merge feature but the Append copied PGC function. You can also cut unwanted video as well, as do other mentioned programs.

If you use the VobEdit method that I described, you will have one title.

Thanks toaddub and Dialysis1, tonight I am doing the VobEdit method and then I will do DVD2One and DVDRemakePro. I do all of my work on +RW booktyped to -RW so I do not have to deal with coasters. I am making two versions of this movie, so I need to do it at least twice anyway. I shall return in a few days with my results.