Making a DOS start up diskette for patching firmware



Hi all,

So far I’ve always had Pioneer DVD writers and I’ve gotten by using DVRFlash. But now I’m looking into buying another writer and I’m investing my option, cause for some writers you may have to flash from DOS. So, I’m trying to make a DOS start up diskette. I run Win XP SP2. I have three HD partitions and they are all NTFS.

I formatted a diskette and clicked on the option to make a DOS start up diskette. It made the diskette and I can use it to boot. But it dos not have CD ROM support on it. I have the following questions:

  1. How do you make a DOS start up diskette with CD-ROM support?

  2. Would No. 1 above be possible without having a FAT partition on the HD?

  3. I have 2 HDs in the computer. The first HD has 2 partitions as “C” and “D”. The 2nd HD has one partition as “E”. I think the 1st HD has about 8MB space left on it that is not partitioned. Would it be possible to use the 8MB of unused space and partition it as FAT just to get some disk space for DOS to work properly? The reason I ask this question is that from my Win 98 days I remember DOS uses HD to write some files for CD-ROM support.

Thanks in advance for you help.


I’m not sure I understand what you have in mind… :slight_smile:

To my knowledge all “other writers” use windows flasher when updating firmware, and there are also many windows flashers for “patched” firmware.
[NEC= Binflash, BenQ= WinDWFlash, Lite-On= LtnFW… ]

A boot into DOS is a boot into DOS, no matter what (Win) operating system you are running.
All existing DOS firmware flashers can flash a CD/DVD writer in DOS mode without any “CD_ROM support”…
WinXP created DOS bootdisk is sufficient.

If you still need a bootdisk with CD-ROM support goto :wink:



Your reply has all the answers I was looking for. Thanks.