Making a CopyLok backup 1:1 Backup?


I am woondering if it is possible to do a working 100% 1:1 backup of this game using Clone CD or another program & if it is possible wich options to setup ???

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Just scan the disc with Clony ( and it’ll give you the correct settings…

CloneCD should be able to make a 1:1 back-up of this portection, but there are some problems with the latest LaserLock… Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t :confused:


Hi !!!

I already got Clony but it didnt see CopyloK in the protection settings…

Is it the same settings as lazerlok ???



Anyone have already made a working backup of it ?



I think the same settings can be used, but I’m not completely sure. Have you tried it ? :slight_smile:


I just made a working backup of it.I processed on creating an image of it as i went to bed this morning after work.

I put in the same settings as Protect CD WITHOUT the

  • Fast Skip on

Since i wasn’t in a hurry i let it off but when i woke up 4 hours 45 minutes later the process was at 3%…

Then again 10-15 minutes after all was over as it stoped having difficulties reading passed that 3% part so you might want to Put the— Fast skip on .

Works fine on all my 3 drives… DVD included(This one to me has proven some times to be a major pain in the ass to read copies of SD 2 or SecuromNew)



**Though on the it said that this game was CopyLok protected i noticed what looked like the Protect CD scheme(a ring on the original CD) but there werent any of its DDLs
on my PC… That’s why i finally chose those settings having not seen anywhere on the Net instructions on how to do the CopyLok using Clone CD

So it worked fine :slight_smile:

If I’m correct you could have used the same settings as LaserLock since these are the same as Protect CD except LaserLock also needs Fast Error Skip enabled… which you didn’t select :wink:


Yup :slight_smile:

I Just added the Intelligent Bad Sector Scan with it