Making a copy of my game. HELP

Hi everyone,

I’m new here on this forum and I’ve been trying to make a copy of my old game Stronghold Crusader. From glancing around from thread to thread, I’ve figured out how to scan the disc to find which protection it is using.
It listed: ‘SafeDisc 2.70.030’.

I’m stuck now because I’m not so sure what to do… I have CloneCD & Alcohol 120% installed already although I’ll use anything that will create a playable disc of Crusader.
Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance! =\


I’m not very familiar with clone cd so I wouldn’t be able to tell you what to do. You can check the CloneCD threads. I highly recommend a program named "Alcohol 120% :bow: ". It’s really a nice tool to have.

I can use Alcohol 120%…I’ll use either. How would I burn it using Alcohol 120% then? Thanks much! Any more help would be [U]GREAT[/U]!

See here.