Making a copy of encarta 2000

i want to copy encarta 2000 and i dont know how to do this exactly.

are there any special settings that i have to use in clone-cd?

do i need a patch to use the cd?

you’ll get more respond in the clonecd area so i’ll move it there

Here’s a newbie manual which will cover your basic questions and hep you on your way:



If i remember correctly Encarta 2000 uses Safedisc so the only setting you will need in CloneCD is Fast Error Skip.
All other options OFF, exept Close Last Session, it should be set to ON…


im also trying to copy britannica 2000. Let me know if you solved the problem . As i need help

I just did a CD-copy in in Nero for Encarta 2000 and it turned out just fine. It was the Dutch version, but I think they should be pretty similar.