Making a copy of a marginal quality disc

I have several older discs (“Prime Peripherals” brand) of marginal quality that do not play on some stereo systems. I didn’t want to have to re-track down the material, so I started making some copies of these questionable discs on some nice Taiyo Yudens. Now the Taiyo Yuden copies play fine on all systems! Why/how is this? And is this advisable? Are these copies of bad copies just as likely to degrade?

Well first off how old are the original and how much wear do they have one them? The copies you made should be fine as long as the software that was used to make or create them did the job. From my limited experience in using copied media they have not faulted so far in my uses. They won’t degrade make the usage wear and scratches or breakage but the media quality you used should last for some time to come. What do you mean will not play on some stereo systems-what other system are you playing them on??

I have to agree with [B]coolclolrs[/B], what he say about degradation.
I had one disc like that where it looked fine, but had only one or two scratches, yet it gave me problem in standalone player. Copy of the disc was fine. I guess computer drives have much more fault protection than standalone.
On the other hand I had a disk that was so bad by looking at it, that I thought it will not play. It looked like someone went over it with sand paper.
Yet it ply fine. I guess it has to do with how deep is the scratch and which way it go. Has to do with light deflection.
If you can copy the disk and play without fault, it should be fine as long as you use good media.

To get the best possible copy off the disk that may be damaged or degrading you could try using EAC (exact audio copy). It’s free software and recommended by many people on this forum.
I’ve found it great with scratched disks that won’t play in some standalone players.

Thanks, coolcolors. Good to know. (the old copies weren’t playing in my old Sony stereo–just a cheap boombox…and sometimes in my wife’s car…But it was always with discs of that darn Prime Peripherals brand. These new TY copies play fine, though, for now.) And, Prof. Honeydew, i’ll definitely look into that EAC software.

NP, We here to give the best advice from each persons’ experience and give options as what you can do and what solutions to look for. Also if you plan to make a duplicate of your media make sure you get a good quality burner some have recommended liteon drive for good scanners…I for myself have a 832S and 20A1H drive and both have suited me for cd and dvd.