Making a copy of a DVD using CloneCD 5

I am looking for information about following points where I have some little problems:

1°) I noticed that when you copy a DVD using CloneCD there is only a single Profile called DVD and it is impossoble to edit it like yoy do for the CD Profiles

2°) The control of the writing speed
If I set the speed to 1x the software indicates mainly around 2,…X
If I set the speed to max, it goes sometimes up to 7,…X even with a only 4x certified DVD
and often I get some important writing errors (CloneCD 5 does not tell while writing, I noticed that only after while reading the DVD back)

3°) I don’t know how to do the bitsetting of a DVD+R SL and DVD+R DL into DVD-ROM.
I get a DVD-ROM booktype on the copy only when I use my NEC 3500 drive with a Mad Dog firmware like the 2.FD, firmware which “auto” bitsets on a premanent basis

4°) I noticed that on my copies originating from pressed DL DVD,
the layer break on the copy is always in the middle of chapter which causes a freeze of 1 second or so during the time the standalone player changes layer (this delay is normal accordong to the DVD-video book)
So on a pressed DVD I think that they manage to always put the layer break between 2 chapters
and that on the copy CloneCD 5 puts the variable quantity of 6 GB or 7 GB in a “symetric” way, putting the layer break in the middlle.
Is this observation about the layer break position on a DVD+R DL copy of a movie right or not ?

In the official CloneCD Revision History here:

you can read this:

CloneCD 2006-01-31

  • New: When Dual layer DVDs are copied to DVD+R DL media,
    the layer break position of the destination disc [B]will be exactly at the same location[/B] as the source disc
    (does not work with DVD-R DL media, because DVD-R DL media has a fixed layer break position)

  • New: Added [B]display[/B] of layer break position

I am using a later version of CloneCD 5.2.[B]9[/B].1 (2006-05-24)
and when I try to make a 1:1 copy of a pressed DVD-video on a DVD+R DL I still get the layer break position on the copy at a different position as on the original, as I tried to explain in point 4° above.

Has anybody experience [B]with this layer break position in CloneCD copies of the DVD-video format ?[/B]

Well first off you didn’t mention what kinda drive and firmware the unit is if your going to use it to burn. And some drive comes with ability to booktype the media to -ROM for compatilbilty and then some require a software to turn the drive to be able to booktype to -ROM media. I don’t think you can change the layer break as this is part of the media disc but if you do a 1:1 copy or backup is will retain the same image as the original media. I done 1:1 backup of my media and haven’t experienced to much problem with the layer break. You do know that dvd comes in dvd+5 and dvd+9, as most movies come in dvd+9 but if you have clonedvd can compress from dvd+9 to dvd+5. Also what movie are you referring to that has a different layer break to as after you backup the movie? I don’t ever recall a layer break being different when you do a 1:1 backup of the original should save the formating and media image as the original media.