Making a Copy of a Copy with clonedvd2

When making a copy of a copy I get read errors at least 3 or 4 times on every DVD. I have the take it out blow off a peice of dust and try it again.

File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB 23 TCSectorReader

Why doesn’t this happen when copying an original DVD? Even though the orignial might be even more scratched up and more dirty? Is their a way to just make an image “as is” with out making an exact copy?

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Your posting is a little bit confusing. What are you actually attempting to copy?

Are attempting to make a back up copy of an original Commercial DVD Movie Title? Or are you attempting to make a duplicate copy of a copy you have previously made.

Please clarify exactly what you are attempting to do.

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If the media is of crap quality then it could happen. Try quality media and you’ll not have this problem.

I am attempting to make a duplicate copy of a copy. It was reading off of a memorex dvd+R. Recently I purchaced an HP dvd740 external burner and it seemed solve the problem. Makes a duplicate copy of a copy with out any interuptions. But the problem I am having now with this new burner is that if I burn at 16x the DVDs will not play in my Portable DVD player. Kawasaki (PVS10921). It says “Invalid Disc”, if it does recognize the disc it skips really bad. I’ve tried using both Memorex DVD+R 16x and TDK DVD+R 16x. I know this portable DVD player is a generic peice of crap but their is obviously a problem with the quality of the burn at that speed. Is their a firmware upgrade or drive update that would solve that problem?

check the manufacturer’s website for the latest firmware, and for the love of god don’t use memorex media.

if you’re using +R discs, booktype them to DVD-ROM if you can. (not sure if your burner supports booktyping)

How do you booktype with clonedvd2?

you’d have to set it with a drive utility of some sort. my Ben Q comes with QSuite which sets the booktype. I’m not sure how you’d do it with your drive…

I read that you can do it with Nero… so you change the book type after the dvd was burned or do you change the book type before you burn the dvd?

Edit: checked book type with nero and it is set to DVD-ROM already… What external DVD burner do you suggest… I will return this one…

has to be done before burning. You can’t change it after because the type is already written. +R is a very incompatible format for most standalones. your best bet to improve compatibility would be to use QUALITY media and to booktype to DVD-ROM.

Booktype already at DVD-ROM… I thought TDK was pretty good media… what do you classify as quality media?

well TDK doesn’t say anything about the media. media ID is what’s important (this can be found in teh disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.

the most recommended media on this board is Taiyo Yuden (media ID YUDEN000T0X for +R and TYG0X for -R) and Verbatim (media ID MCC 00X for +R, MC02RG20 or something like that for -R)

basically any verbatims are a safe bet. TYs from are a good choice.

without knowing the media ID of your TDKs you really can’t make a judgement on whether or not its good media.

also, you might want to try slowing down your burn speed a bit. sometimes it’s a good idea to burn slightly slower than the rated speed especially on poor or questionable media. try your 16x discs booktyped to DVD-ROM at 12x or 8x and see if it will work then. Never select “max” as the burn speed. even if you’re burning at the maximum speed, select that speed! (ie 16x)

I slowed it down to 8x and it works fine then… at 12x it skips and at 16x it wont work at all. I guess I just have to wait till they come out with faster DVDs, then I will probably be able to burn at 16x. Thanks for all your help on this issue…

PilatusInc try using DVD Decrypter.

It’s dead easy to use, booktypes DVD+ discs and has worked everytime for me.

BTW, your drive must be able booktype, but once you’ve done it, you always will!

@ Pilatus

my best guess is that if you use quality discs like the ones I mentioned, your 16x burns will be much better quality.

also, did you look for a firmware update? it’s possible that your ucrrent firmware doesn’t support that media at the higher speed and the manufacturer has issued an update to deal with this.

with questionable media, always err on the slower side. Don’t burn TOO slow though…this can have the same results as burning too fast in many cases. 8x on a 16x disc is perfectly safe, but I wouldn’t try any slower.

Memorex media pretty much answered his own problem

Nero 7 has a nifty little tool called CD/DVD Speed (under tools) which has a scan disc tab that will bit by bit check your burned media for damaged or bad sectors where as you can actually watch the process via graph chart