Making a compilation audio cd

I would like to make a compilation cd by ripping selected tracks from my cd collection. I have a plextor premium cd writer. I wondered which apps would give me the best results. i’d like the compilation tracks to be as true to the originals as possible.

If you have a Plextor Premium then use Plextools which came with the drive and Rip the Tracks you want to Harddisc. Then burn these with Plextools to CD-R. You can also use EAC, but since you are a lucky owner of a Premium I would definately use Plextools. You could also try and use Gigarec <1 for better quality. Also dont forget to use high quality Media like Taiyo Yuden or any other CD-R brand which state Made In Japan. Any MIJ brand CD-R is of good quality.

So plextools will be a better choice to get results as close to the original as possible? i wasn’t sure whether EAC was a better choice.

thanks for such a quick reply.

I would do it with Plextools and EAC then pop the cans on and have a listen :slight_smile: proof of the pudding is in the eating not imagining :wink: