Making A CloneCD Image

I’m making an image of my CD1 and CD2 of my Pandora Tomorrow. But it takes so long! Is there any other way I can kind of ‘burn’ the files to the CD and be able to install it WITH the burned CDs after I’m done? And I can still play Multiplayer, etc with my working CD3?

What do I do? Copy and paste? Direct CD copy? Use… What? Help :smiley:

Pandora Tommorow uses SafeDisc 3.2, so use CloneCD (with emulation), just read and write on the “Protected PC Game” profile, make sure “Hide CDR Media” is enabled in the CCDTray, and play.

it should work mulitplayer.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. look HERE, i have written a guide on how to back this game up.

Hi EdisLeado,

Creating a image of a SafeDisc protected game is nearly certain to give you read errors at the start of the disc. You just have to patient, depending on what drive you are using to read it with.

Alcohol 120% would also be a good choice for SD3.2, if CloneCD fails, as it has a decent range of emulation to use if your drive is not up to the job of making the title work.

Well, okay – I’ve copied it :slight_smile: But the strange thing is, when I start up multiplayer and try to log in it gives me this error:

‘Cannot connect to UBI.COM service.’

Great… Does anyone else get this problem?

Yeah, i think i recall having this problem when i used to play the game. If i remember correctly, I had to get an update patch from the website, to fix the multiplayer/online issues. And which multiplayer option were you trying ??