Making A Bootable windows XP dvd

hi to all

basically i’m wanting to copy my windows xp slipstream sp2 into it and burn it to dvd. Basically the reason i want to do this is so i can add a folder for my drivers that arent detected on install or are updated versions since xp came out. The slipstreaming i have no problem with…was wondering if one of you kind souls could point me in the direction of a tutorial to make a bootable xp dvd backup.


You can start by reading an excellent step by step layout HERE.
I have read that making this on DVD has been an issue for many people, as no matter what they did, it has not resolved to successfully boot. It will defintely work for CDR though.
Also, a software to help set everything up for you, if that procedure is too complicated can be found and read about HERE.

Hope this helps you… :slight_smile:

Also to read more about the DVD issue the thread is HERE.

you haven’t said if you want the drivers to auto-install during the installation of XP. this requires some lenghty prepping as pointed out above. if you only wish to make a bootable dvd with also a folder of driver that you will install post XP installation then all you do >>>

all you do is down CDImage Pro or Home from

copy all files/folders from your XP CD to a folder called XPCD then put XPCD at the root of C:

you now have a location C:\XPCD

now run the .cmd from CDIMAGE. creates a bootable ISO. burn iso to DvD with, say, DvD decrypter [ or whatever burning app you use ]. done.

thanks for the replys ppl i appreciate it. Sorry for my lateness replying back wife kids yadda yadda. No the drivers i just simply want in a folder. Basically it’s just to have everything on one disk all in the same place so its easier when i install

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The is just copy and paste the files from Windows XP CD, when you burn them back cut and paste the file called “boot.ini” located in C:/windows

#be sure to do a cut (move) to the cd dir for this to boot and delete the files after they are burned.

That should fix your problem, we CD Freaks are always glad to help.


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