Making a bootable dvd

Hi there,

I have ifo, bup and vob files for dvd. I have tried to burn these files onto a dvd-r blank disc with nero6.I put files in the videots and audio ts folders as they should be. It has worked once for me but now it keeps saying theres an error with speed. I have tried all three speeds that are avilable in the drop down list but no joy. Can somebody please advise how to get these files onto blank dvd-r. :slight_smile:

All these files are created by DVD packages, you put the MPEG2 files configured to be DVD compatible and you get the DVD structure and the necessary type of files.
But you say you have the files and put them in the appropriate folders.
Does that mean you did create the folders yourself?
Note that audio ts has no visible files inside, the ifo, bup and vob files are all under video ts, and unless you use Nero Recode you should respect the original set of files, to avoid problems. Maybe you are taking one or more out and just ask Nero to burn the disc?
Sorry just guesses…

What exactly for an error? You mean with speed the burning speed, i guess that you’ve done all correctly. What for a burner and media brand you’ve used?

Im using nero6 under video files. Im actually using the files of another copied dvd from my D: drive. I insert this disc then open them up and transfer the files from that onto the add files page (video t-s, audio t-s.)