Making a bootable CD w/ Nero 6.13


I’ve managed to make a couple of CD’s that actually boot but what I’d like to able to do is get a CD to boot that can find all of the CD space. The first one only can find the 1.4mb and I failed to get it to find the files I needed to run on a different computer. I made one with the nero express boot (using an alternative to MSDOS) CD that could access the rest of the CD by going to another drive letter but it didn’t have enough low level memory to run any of the programs - ghost, bios update, etc.

I’m rambling but my goal would be to get the CD to boot as if it were a DOS hard drive with about 600MB of disk space and no additional files loaded into memory. Ideally I’d love to be able to copy more executables to this CD as necessary and still be able to access them. That way as a new bios file or version of ghost comes out I wouldn’t have to create a new CD. I realize CD’s aren’t too expensive but I may not always have access to everything when I’m on the road.

I realize I’m asking a lot for a cdboot newbie but if someone could assist I’d really appreciate it. I’ve wasted about 10 CD’s so far with no luck.

Oh - I should mention I need to be able to access this CD from multiple types of CD Rom Drives. This way if I want to update the bios on systems with SCSI CD’s, EIDE, SATA CD etc, I won’t have to load specific drivers.

If there is a NERO specific forum I should post this sort of question in, please let me know.


I use a winme bootimage when it loads ends as a:. all of my cd space is avail. I usually use an old cdrw disc so i can clean it up after too many sessions. any how I never use nero express to make it.
start nero burning rom \ New Compilation \ CD-Rom Boot
Point nero to where image file is and enable expert settings and chose floppy emulation 1.44. then just make sure that u select track at once so that you can have another session on the burning tab

if you need this imagefile PM me with your email address

Thank you for replying! I appreciate the info. Any issue with free memory for dos apps? How much memory is available? Have you tried using that CD on more than one computer?