Making a bootable CD from a ISO?

I have nero ver. I’ve been trying to make a bootable cd from a ISO. Everytime I burn the image it burns just like it was on my hard drive, the burned cd contains the file in ISO form. I really need to make this bootable, I’ve configured nero to overburn, I dont know if this has anything to do with it? I’ve made about 5 or 6 coasters from doing this… I really need some help any info will be appreciated. thnx

try selecting burn image file go to : FILE>BURN IMAGE then select the iso and burn that should work

I’ve tried that, and it doesnt seem to work either… Is there something else i might be missing?

Try using the wizard
create cd>compile new cd>other cd formats>create cd from image file>click finish then select the iso and burn

nope that didint work either, coaster #7

do you think it would have something to do with copyprotection?

whats the writer? iso your trying to burn? give us some details

the writer is um… fuck, im not sure. and the ISO im trying to burn is UT2003disk1… I’ve used Nero to overburn ISO’s before, well… once, and this is the second time and I’m running into some real problems.

LOL - you get no help. sorry. warez = not allowed. on a side note - the disc wouldnt have to be bootable, and it shouldnt have to be overburned.

the file is like 736,000,000 maybe i used the wrong choice of words… i guess it doesnt have to be “bootable” but it has to have somekinda autorun thingy… or something. Anyway, It just burns as the same file i had but on CD. But i guess i wont get anymore help, cuz… You cant post about “warez” i probably should have read the rules… :confused:

lolol - name it a bin and burn it as an image in nero.