Making a 'best of' DVD

Slightly strange request…

I want to be able to cut scenes from my favourite DVD’s onto one disc (kind of like a best of car chases / fights / funny moments)… and I’ve been able to do it (rather crudely) with DVD Shrink and Nero.

But what I would like to do is add a title screen for each moment… even something simple like white writing on a black screen… eg. “Yoda’s Light Sabre fight” to announce the next scene.

What would be really awesome is to have a black screen and then have the writing fade in before cutting to the scene (a little like they do on movie trailers).

Do any of the cheap / free programs such as VOBedit / TMPGenc etc allow me to do this? And if not… which of the more $$$ options should I look at.

Thanks in advance.

PS. When I use DVD Shrink to encode the group of scenes… do I have any control over how it numbers / arranges the titles… as the skip button does some weird things (sometimes it takes you to the next scene… sometimes it doesn’t).

i have no idea. however, while you wait for someone who does have a clue to answer, check out the guides under how to @