Making a backup of Soldner?

Heres my problem… I lost my cd, but not my case and cd key, luckily my friend has the game and let me rip the info off his cd. All I need to do is burn the thing so I can play online. How would I go by doing this. And please… please, give me step by step cause I am not very good at this kind of stuff. Someone said I should twinpeak or blindwrite it but I didnt understand I really need HELP!. Thanks in advance.

here but maybe you should try ringing up customer support and just order a new cd

OK, the file is now a bw image… so how do I make all the files that came off my friends cd a bw image?

how did your mate get the image off his cd and give it to you? What program did he use?

I just dragged and dropped the files from the cd onto my hd

knowing how to use those programs is the KEY to making your backup.


  • the huge amount of help/tutorials on making securom backups
  • the number of threads about soldner here

You are left with two choices:

  1. Read the help and search the forum
  2. Ask for a replacement CD.

I would go for #2, since apparently the CD contains a unique cd-key

Electronic CD-Key for secure online gaming
Electronic CD-Key is a new SecuROMâ„¢ function based on n-CD technology. The application replaces serialisation codes on stickers applied on retail games boxes, saving games publishers material and handling costs, and users inconvenient manual input. Each disc is assigned a unique invisible identification number. The code is read by the computer drive and initiates an automatic access to online gaming. As the technology is backwards compatible, virtually any computer drive can read the data. Ensuring that codes are safe, Electronic CD-Key lets the widespread method of unauthorised access to codes in stores come to an end, as they can’t be seen anymore. JoWooD Productions Software AG will be the first games publisher to apply this convenient technology to the global games release “Soeldner” which will hit stores in May.


copying your friends’ disk would copy his electronic cd-key, risking that both of you get blacklisted.

well unfortunately it’s not that simple. It use protection to stop it from being copied, otherwise anyone could pirate it :wink: but in your case you will need to borrow his cd and follow my first link.

Or here is another

Mmmmm kay, so where would I go to get a replacement cd?

ring the support number in your cd sleeve

should cost around 10$ though.

And make sure you have verification that you bought it (Reciept, case/manual maybe etc.)