Making a backup of Avatar fails



I attempted to rip the movie to my hard drive using AnyDVD v6.6.3.5 but it failed right off so I switched to DVDFab v7.0.4.0 which appears to have completed successfully. I then used BD-Rebuilder v0.33.02 (beta) which also appears to have completed successfully. I know this because the result of BD-Rebuilder plays fine on my PC using Cyberlink PowerDVD 9.

Trying to write the files to a 25GB Blu-ray disc, however, is a different matter. If I attempt the burn using DVDFab it fails immediately (no error message). If I use imgBurn v2.5.1.0 it writes and verify’s the entire disc with a “Burn Successfully” message at the end but the disk won’t play in either of my 2 Blu-ray drives on my computer or my home entertainment Blu-ray player.

I’ve used this process successfully many times previously (The Bourne Trilogy, for example) but with this movie - no luck. Any ideas anyone?


AnyDVD can deal with [I]Avatar[/I]. It was released yesterday. I would start over and make an ISO of the movie, then mount it in Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive to work with it.

Your version of BD-Rebuilder is also old. There have been two releases since v0.33.02.


Where do you find AnyDVD Their website only shows



Thanks for this. I’ll try again. I’ve never used VirtualCloneDrive. What is the advantage of this over saving to the hard drive?


Well, you [B]are[/B] saving to the hard drive. Just as an ISO file. This will be a complete backup of the disk, an image of the disk, minus the protection.

There isn’t much advantage to rip to an ISO while working with the blu ray, in fact, it is an extra step to mount in the virtual drive. But I store ISO’s on my hard drives and play back through software on the computer. Many computer programs designed to play blu ray won’t open files on the hard drive, but will play ISO’s mounted in a virtual drive. An example of this is PowerDVD.


Sound like a good idea. What happens to the virtual drive (and any ISO files saved there) if you power off the PC?


VirtualClone Drive is a program. It will exist on the hard drive until you uninstall it. Turning off the computer doesn’t affect it adversely. Nor will you harm the ISO file. The ISO file exists separately from the virtual drive and will remain “mounted” in the drive until you “unmount” it.


Thanks for educating me. As I said, I’ve never worked with a “Virtual Drive”. When I tried to mount it, it opened up an Explorer type window for me to navigate to but what do I select - a location or folder of where I want the file stored? Also, in AnyDVD I didn’t see the option of creating an ISO file or does it just do that automatically when you point to the Virtual Drive?


Right click on the little fox icon at the bottom right of your screen to access the controls of the ripper within AnyDVD HD. It will give you the option to [I]Rip to Image[/I]. This will create the ISO for you on the hard drive wherever you choose.

Once you have VirtualClone Drive installed, you can mount the image in one of two ways. You can go to My Computer and right click on the icon of the new BD-Rom drive that has been created there (that is the virtual drive). You will see a list of options, one of which lets you mount the image. Or you can simply go to where you have the ISO file, right click on it and you will be given an option to mount it in the virtual drive.


But can you make an ISO file with AnyDVD?


Yes. I listed the instructions for making one in the first paragraph of my previous reply. Remember to [B]right [/B]click on the fox icon at the bottom right of your screen.


Ok. Sorry, I missed that. It says “Rip to Image”. Thanks. I think I’m getting the hang of it. So do you simply store multiple movies in iso format on your hard drive and then “mount” one when you want to watch it on your pc?


Yes that’s the way I do it. Works well for a home theater computer.

Backups to physical disks are available if I need to take them with me somewhere, or if a friend wants to borrow a movie, but I mostly watch from the ISO files.


I’m starting to amke ISO of movies too as I have the WDTV live media player and it plays them fine as long as you don’t care about chapters or menus and extras. If I need that I just burn the disks, same if a friend wants to watch it.
Other media players handle chapters and things OK if you decide that’s something you might like to try and that part is important to you.
Been having similar issues with my BD copy of Avatar too I’ll keep trying different ways to burn it as I’ve tried both programs too with similar results when trying to do movie only.


DVDFab V7.0.4.5 Beta can handle the Bluray for Avatar as well


I’m using PowerDVD 10 but I don’t see the option of playing an iso file. Am I missing something??


Ahh. Forget my last question. I forgot to mount the virtual drive. Thanks everyone for the help. Using the latest release of AnyDVD and BD-Burner and imgBurn, the disk turned out just fine.