Making a Backup of a TV show

Okay I bought my lovely gf Deperate Housewives Season 5 and I was going to back it up.

So when I open up clonedvd it starts off saying "trying to repair defective dvd stucture. Then it goes to the menu and says “unexpected error” and none of the chapters plays in the DVD expect for the previews of diffent shows.

Someone please helpe me!!

I’ve also tried dvdfab, shrinkdvd, ripitforme, and dvddecoder.

Sounds like you need to take it back to the store and exchange it for a good one.

A friend did it with DVDFab with no problems on a Win Vista system. Using ver

Every one of the disks do that.

and I am using the lastest version of all the programs and I have Windows XP.

[QUOTE=digitalnerd;2453828] none of the chapters plays in the DVD expect for the previews of diffent shows. [/QUOTE]
Is that on your standalone or PC drive or both ?

If you’re not using AnyDVD with CloneDVD then there’s nothing decrypting the DVD’s.
If you are using AnyDVD is it the latest update ?
If it is you may just have to wait for another update that takes care of any new copy protection on this disc set.

The same for DVDFab.Which has apparently worked for bean55’s friend.

Did you turn off pathplayer ?

That usually does the trick.

How do I turn off pathfinder?

And I failed to mention that I use anydvd along with clonedvd.

And I tried my external dvd drive and my internal one.

Neither worked.

PathPlayer is in DVDFab,

Click on the green circle with the check mark inside it, upper right corner,on the left side go to pathplayer and click it, up top turn it off.

The equalivalent of PathPlayer (more or less) in AnyDVD is AI.
Start AnyDVD .R click in tray select settings.Select settings in the AnyDVD GUI.
In AI Scanner dropdown select disabled .
Don’t forget to set it back to Automatic because that is correct most of the time.

Nothing is working and I’m getting fed up…ah!

assuming that you already updated your AnyDVD, try ripping it in full using AnyDVD, then use those files as your source in either CloneDVD or DVDShrink./

[QUOTE=digitalnerd;2453941]Nothing is working and I’m getting fed up…ah![/QUOTE]

AS I posted AnyDVD may not have caught up with the specific protection on this disc set.
I don’t have it so I can’t test to see how it works for me.
Let me ask this again does the original disc set play on your computer from the drive you are trying to make the BU copy with ?