Making a back-up dvd look like the original

Hi all. I have back-ups of most of my dvds, but the cover are really plain and ugly. So I want the back-ups to look like the originals. Does anyone know how make the back-up dvd look identical to the original?

Some of the original dvds are clear silver. So labelling them is out of the question as the labels are white, not clear. Is there anyway to print directly onto the dvd?

I want good results, but am on a budget, so cant afford to buy an industrial printer at the moment. Thanks for any help.

If you don’t buy an industrial printer because you’re on a budget at mom, I doubt you came to the appropriate forum to learn how to make the perfect looking copy…

If these backups are your own personal ones to keep then going for perfect look is not worth the investment you have to make, labeling with printer, LightScribe or even LabelFlash is far good enough if your really concern about how your labels look.