Making 2 Dvds one

I have these older movies and i was wondering if i can modernize them and put them onto one dvd so i dont have to flip them out. I see people talking about doing it, but i would just like to know how. Can someone please give me a hand? thanks

Could you rephrase your question and include some details as to what you are talking about?

tomatoes is talking about turning a “flipper” into a single sided dvd-9 or dvd-5 (recompressed)

and i would also like to know if there is an easy way to do this, i have done it once by importing both VOBs into EncoreDVD and then making one end action go to the other, but it forces me to use a DVD-9, i also tried Mpeg Video Wizard (demo) to string them into a single mpg and then recompress for DVD-5 in EncoreDVD - but these methods are far from simple and have produced stuttering videos in parts of the movie

just found this…

seems to be all the info i need, hopefully you too