Making 1:1 Perfect copies


I recently bought a external sony dvd burner and verbatim Dvd+r DL. I am using dvddecrypter iso read to get a iso for the burn. I burn with imgburn. In the verfying process, it is having difficulity verifying the 2nd layer, it is not picking up the sector. It is saying unable to burn.

But my DVD player is picking it up and playing it fine. Thnx

Any ways to fix it?

I found a guide few months ago about how to make perfect burns, anyone know where it is?


Is there a perfect copy? If my copy plays without a fault (with great VQ) then it is perfect for me.

Then why I do get a verifying error?

Decryption and removal of bogus titlesets will change a backup when “verified”.

There’s no reason to verify anything when ripping with Decryptor, as it records any read errors in the ripping process. Verifying burns is also a waste of time, as it tells you nothing about the quality of the burn. I’d use Decryptor to burn also.

There are some guides here: and here:
and here:

I only tried verify one or two times, and not on a DL, so I can’t help. I thought it was a time waste, so unfortunatly I can’t offer a fix for U.

In my experience, use quality media (Verbatim), have the correct firmware for your burner and burn at 4x.

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I would switch and Burn with ImgBurn . It is the non decrypting version of DvdDecrypter. It is much better and is updated often.