Makers of Kazaa are suing record labels

I just posted the article Makers of Kazaa are suing record labels.

  GristyMcFisty and spacegrass used our    news submit  to tell us  that depsite all the lawsuits made by the RIAA on Peer-to-peer software  providers, Kazaa are are suing the entertainment...
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Hahahaha… I hope kazaa shows the Riaa just as much mercy as the Riaa has shown everyone that it has sued to date.

Lets get real…this case will perpetuate through the courts or the companies themselves will do a behind the doors deal that benefits both…after all they are in the business of making money…:X

RIAA is not even a VICTIM at all. They deserve this, and they should just DIE. I hope they VANISH in no time!!!

Are u Wolverine by any chance? I miss Wolverine - I have nothing against him but he does provide some relief comic every now and then…

hahaha … he always skyrocket the number of posts of threads which are RIAA related.
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MMmmmmm, the old switcheroo.

Should we care of this lawsuit? I think not. It’ll end with both companies making money out of it.