MakeMKV can't read AACS VID from discs in my WH16NS60


I’m not sure where my problem is in ripping 4K discs.

I currently have 2x WH16NS60s on a Windows 10 computer running W10 v1803.

Everytime I try to rip a 4K disk in MakeMKV I get an error saying

Error ‘Scsi error - ILLEGAL REQUEST:COPY PROTECTION KEY EXCHANGE FAILURE - KEY NOT PRESENT’ occurred while issuing SCSI command A40…0020…0FF to device ‘SPTI:\Device\CdRom0’
DEBUG: Code 3 at j!!’]HD91W0doCalw]:29395333
DEBUG: Code 4 at j!!’]HD91W0doCalw]:121262647
Can’t read AACS VID from disc - most likely current AACS host certificate is revoked by your drive
Saved AACS dump file as C:/Users/chansearrington/.MakeMKV/MKB20_v61_Fantastic_Beasts_and_Where_to_Find_Them_8C29.tgz
The volume key is unknown for this disc - video can’t be decrypted
DEBUG: Code 0 at ug!Y?M}h37%"DxLT:121264257
DEBUG: Code 0 at ug!Y?M}h37%"DxLT:121265890
Failed to open disc

Per the instructions in other threads, I have emailed these AACS dump files to and have never received a message back. Some over 4 weeks ago

I’ve been checking to see if my disc is in the list by looking up a SHA1 hash of a file on the disc: AACS\Unit_Key_RO.inf. on and seeing if it matches any of the known keys for that movie in keys_hashed.txt

Do I just need to wait until the keys are added?
Am I doing this all this right?
Does it normally take this long (4 weeks)?
Is there a different problem?


These are “official” and not “friendly” drives, if I recall correctly
That would be your problem

You don’t get replies to the dump files sent in
You cannot match the sha1 with the hash in the key file, different animal


Your problem is that MakeMKV does not work with official UHD drives. It only works with ‘UHD friendly’ drives.

The most common UHD Friendly drives are:

LG WH16NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS50 )
LG BH16NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS50 )
ASUS BW-16D1HT (manufactured 2015+)


Well, that’s what I get for not reading all the instructions. :roll_eyes:

I assumed it was the same list as DeUHD as soon as I saw similar drives.

So if I can’t match the SHA1 how to see if my disc is currently on the supported list of discs?


Got it, thanks!

I know I have a least one of these laying around somewhere.


You can always convert WH16NS60 into a UHD Friendly device (like WH16NS40 or Asus BW-16D1HT) with no issues at all.


@TwinParadox Well… quit teasing me. :slight_smile:

You can always convert WH16NS60 into a UHD Friendly device (like WH16NS40 or Asus BW-16D1HT) with no issues at all.

How do I do that?


Which firmware versions do your drives currently have ? 1.00 or 1.01 ?


@Terramex They are both 1.0.

I actually updated them and had to revert back to 1.0. So they’re both at 1.0


You need to use DOSFLASH or similar method in order to dump/erase/write the new firmware.

You can follow guides here from TeddyRaspin


Submit the dump for an unsupported disc and then, in a couple of days, when a new list comes out try again


If you are on 1.00 (not 1.01) you can crossflash in Windows.

Extract the attachment, completely close AnyDVD HD (or the like). Drive must be emtpy !

  1. Execute BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe and click on the folder symbol (NOT! the “PLAY” button)
  2. Select flash_ASUS_BW-16D1HT_3.02.bin (or flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BH16NS55_1.02.bin if you want to crossflash to the inferior LG firmware)
  3. Click on the “PLAY” button

You can return to the WH16NS60 firmware at any time using the flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH16NS60_1.00.bin (5.5 MB)


@Terramex Oh… my… sweet… baby… holy mother of mary.

I have never had so much love for another user as I have for you right now.

Thank you! You just saved me litterally over a hundred bucks.

This worked like a charm and I’m finally able to rip UHD discs in MakeMKV and stop using DeUHD.


did i read correctly that this will flash in windows? windows 10?


@TheShoe Yes, I just did it on my Windows 10 Machine. 64-bit running Pro version 1803


Hey guys and gals,

Crossflashing the WH16NS60 the instructions seem different than the other drives I’m used to flashing.

(Yes I’m the jerk who was going off on flashing drives and whatnot, until I my source of factory originals went completely dry and then my hypocritical self was left wondering, wtf do I do next?)

So I humbly apologize and am looking forward to contributing to this club


So I’m wondering what I’m missing here.
Used dosflash32_BH16NS40.exe to dump the 1.00 firmware on the LG.

Next instruction seems to be to use this “download program” to throw the ASUS firmware without blending it with the dumped WH16NS60 firmware?

Am I thinking too much on this one? I was under the impression the blend with the dumped firmware is done to preserve the laser calibration data.

I’ve been using the eeprom data mover program only and have no problem using the HL data storage tool just want to make sure I don’t need to anything with the ASUS or LG firmware before hitting the target drive with it.

Thanks very much!



thank you for writing this article Jan Willem Aldershoff!